Early Years

Early Years

The sensory play workshops are designed for groups of young children and their carers in an early years setting. The children are provided the opportunity to explore clay in all its forms and model some basic forms.

The  pottery experiences for pre-school children provide a safe but exciting environment to experiment with clay in all its forms. It can be rolled, pinched, torn and flattened. Thick, wet clay slip can be smeared over hands, arms and other surfaces. Leather hard pots can be cut, bashed and deconstructed. There are few barriers and the children are encouraged to experience the clay at their own level.

Children are also given the opportunity to explore and experiment with a variety of hand building techniques such as pinching out, coiling, slab building, and using different modeling and texturing tools to make patterns, lines and holes in the clay.

Following the Montessori philosophy I have developed an approach which doesn’t impose ideas on the children but provides a creative environment and framework for them to explore and develop their own ideas.

As well as being fun, the pottery experience provides the opportunity for creative learning and nurtures all aspects of the child’s development including physical, intellectual, language,emotional and social.